“Joining CrossFit Forbidden was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I am 20+ lbs lighter and so much stronger. CrossFit Forbidden not only has a great new facility but has THE best coaches around. The coaches are the greatest guys; they are all friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging with every workout, and the members are the nicest people.”
– Cindy A.

“I love CrossFit Forbidden because we have members of all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds. CrossFit Forbidden has changed my life in so many ways. Words cannot describe how amazing CFF has been to my life, but I hope this short testimonial helps! I highly recommend CFF to anyone – just try it out… you won’t regret it!”
– Taylor P.

“CrossFit Forbidden changed my life! CrossFit Forbidden gives me a comfortable space filled with coaches who GENUINELY care about helping you progress to be the best version of yourself. Everyone in this gym is from different backgrounds, day jobs, and just trying to be the best version of themselves.”
– Mike P.

“We’ve been at CrossFit Forbidden for 10 months and love the difference in how much better we feel and the progress we’ve made. We’ve been successful at things we would never have even attempted like box jumps, pull-ups, and snatch lifts to name a few! Whether you’re thinking about CrossFit for the first time, or you’re elite, this is a great box. It’s never to late to start!”
– Kevin (54) and Stacy (48)

“Since the 6th grade I had a very basic workout regimen: 3 sets of 10, 5 sets of 5… isolating body parts. Mondays were chest day, Tuesdays were arms, Thursdays were legs etc. Almost 5 years ago, I saw an ad for CrossFit and a 30 day trial and thought I would try something new. Mariah and I were just getting into mud-runs and fun-runs at the time. I knew after my first workout that this was a change I had been waiting for. I believe my workout was Amanda, and she kicked me in the lungs hard. At the time, I thought CrossFit pull-ups were “cheating” so I did strict; although any kip I had at the time wouldn’t have helped much. I felt like I was going to die. It reminded me of wrestling in high school; that is the only thing that attacked my lungs and muscles so quickly and left me on the floor gasping for air. I came home and told Mariah that I thought this was way different and that she would like it. I don’t remember what my second workout was but I remember it left me like the day before, lying on the ground gasping for air. I came home and told Mariah, “I’m going to sign up”. She reminded me that I still had 28 days on my free trial. However, I knew that this was going to be a lifestyle change.

The Crossfit Forbidden community is the reason we drive 30 minutes each way, nearly 6 days a week, and makes me proud to be a part of the Forbidden Army.” –Casey R.

“I was not as quick to take to CrossFit as Casey.I had never been an athlete. I like to start off by telling people I was in the marching band; this is for everyone trust me. After college and sitting at work all day, I knew I had to find something to stay healthier. As the pounds crept on, I tried running and trained for a half marathon. While it did help me shed a few, I also found I was bored. I ended up finding a boot camp style workout for women; this helped me build a great foundation of movement but after a few years I was finding my progress was stalled and the workouts no longer challenged me like they did before. A few months earlier my husband had tried CrossFit and LOVED it; he had been trying to talk me into coming for months and I kept telling him I was happy where I was, working out with some good people. Somehow he knew I needed that challenge, he talked me into coming in for a week to try it out. I wasn’t immediately sold; I was a little intimidated by all the free weights and incredibly fit people. After coming in a few times a week for about 3 months I started to not only see progress in what I was capable of in the gym, but I noticed my body responding to this new type of training. I was hooked.

We are coming up on our 5 and 6 year anniversaries of training at Crossfit Forbidden and we are often asked why we chose this gym especially given that we have moved and now live 20 miles away….the answer is always the same and it comes down to Community. You will be hard pressed to find another gym quite like Crossfit Forbidden; where all levels of athletes are welcomed and encouraged. We have not only found a healthier lifestyle and are in the best shape of our lives (at 35 years old!) we have built some wonderful friendships along the way. The workout gets you to come in every day, striving to be better but the community is what gets you to stay.” –Mariah R.

If there were 5 things we could tell everyone as they start CrossFit, they would be:

  • Enjoy the Journey – There will be days where you want to quit, where you think it isn’t worth the soreness or the time, but you have to trust the process. Nothing worth doing comes easy or quick.
  • Focus on Form – Good form is the number one way to avoid injury, and it is the quickest way to hit bigger numbers. Listen to your coaches, your body and learn proper technique. You have to crawl before you can walk.
  • Embrace the Community – Engage your fellow CrossFitters; show up to some local competitions or box events…You won’t regret it!
  • Active Recovery – We say ‘Train for Life” for a reason! Get out and use your fitness – hike, mountain bike, surf, ski climb, play sports.
  • Nutrition – We live by an 80/20 approach. 80% of time we eat clean, but we don’t deprive ourselves of that glass of wine or cheeseburger. Balance is key here – but to see real progress in the gym you have to fuel your body. It’s amazing how much better your workout will feel.”

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